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About Us

About Us

About Us

What drives us?

We live in challenging times where unlimited choices dictate our decisions to do business. Our drive and sustenance come from appreciating the needs of each vertical we serve. The clients command customized technology to propel the existing operations. To satisfy their demands, they rely on our expertise. Since 1998, our IT operations in Hyderabad region have optimized and modernized the network and infrastructure in several large and mid-sized business houses. We refine our product profile, solutions and procurement services on a continuous basis. Several local companies and state government departments have been able to migrate from conventional legacy platforms and automate their functions with our support.

Company History

Computek started on a modest scale when the IT sector was evolving in Hyderabad. Today, the city has become ‘cyberabad’- a hub for major hardware and software solutions. The company has expanded its scale of agile business to cater to the growing needs of several prestigious enterprises in the city. We have been instrumental in the digital transformation of their processes as an enabled and leading service provider. Several technology-based packages are offered on a continuous basis for uninterrupted systems. A dedicated group of engineers have the capabilities to assemble complex IT architecture to existing and new clients.

Analysis and Specialties

We sell and install IT Hardware:

Service division:

Our engineering team offers intensive support to the architecture after installation. Upgrades are designed to ensure operations and business are not hampered. Computek has diversified and collaborates with other reliable vendors for virtualization and cloud storage facilities for the clients in Hyderabad and surrounding areas.


Our vendors

A reliable vendor helps in addressing local network issues, bottlenecks and redundancies of some systems that no longer are needed by the organization. We utilize their specific knowledge and proficiency to deploy the IT infrastructure and offer complete solutions to the precise needs of the client. With our collaborations we manage to deliver a quality performance, add convenience of work and improve reliability. Effective maintenance of the company’s IT infrastructure is a part of the package offered. The ancillary benefit of engaging knowledgeable vendors in the long run helps in maintaining a trusted relationship with the management. Whether you require installation of hardware or helping the organization to smoothly migrate to new technologies, call us for a one-time consultancy.

Computer support specialists

Computer specialists in Computek handle the responsibility of providing top notch technical support. This job depends on a deep understanding from the hardware and software perspective. We are able to resolve all the problems related to LAN, WAN and Linux effectively as possess required certification from global technology companies we deal with. The engineers have a proper understanding about how systems are built and function for different verticals.

Every industry today needs updated technology to enhance the productivity of their employees and increase profits. Today, modest business organizations are also investing a decent amount of money in the network technology through our support. For such enterprising traders we offer:

We shall be honored to serve you. Consider calling us for a free consultation. We look forward to adjoining you to our growing family of trusted enterprises.